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At the Museum shop, we offer catalogs of exhibitions , and original goods based on our collections, and sell books on Yoshida Shoin and Takasugi Shinsaku from Hagi. We also offer many sweets with summer tangerine.
Please enjoy shopping at the Hagi Museum.

◆Opening Hours
Open Every Day
(There is a special holiday on the same day when the museum is closed.)
Tel: 0838-25-6447
355 Horiuchi, Hagi, Yamaguchi 758-0057(Hagi Museum)

■ Our Recommendable Goods

An Old map of Hagi Castle Town

The old picture map drawn in 1854 was improved to be overlapped with the current map.

Bag: Height 25.6cm, Horizontal 18.2cm
Body (when open): Height 58cm, Horizontal 82cm (A1 )

Furoshiki with the Hagi Townmarks

A Furoshiki is a wrapping cloth on which various traditional townmarks in the castle town of Hagi were printed.

76cm square
Miniature of a Japanese folding screen
japanese folding screen

A Japanese folding screen called "The picture of Meisho Hagi and Chomon gorge (copy)"at the entrance hall of the museum is a one-eighth miniture painted by Hatsusaburo Yoshida named "Hiroshiige in the Taisho period" in 1932. This is a panoramic view of the whole Japan with Hagi in the center seen from the sky over the sea of Japan with bird's eyes.

When open: Height 24cm, Horizontal 49cm
To store Gift Box: Height 25cm, Horizontal 26cm, Thick 2.8cm
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355 Horiuchi, Hagi, Yamaguchi 758-0057(Hagi Museum)
Tel: 0838-25-6447